James Harman Band

BBs Lawnside BBQ, 1205 E 85th St - Between Troost Ave and Tracy Ave, Kansas City, MO 64131

Everybody ought to come help Lindsay Shannon celebrate the gala 25th anniversary of BBs Lawnside BBQ!!! It's a great place to eat, listen to blues and unlax while enjoying the real deal Kansas City atmosphere. They've even got smoked catfish!!! James Harman Band will be performing LIVE on Saturday night Oct 17, 2015 and if you make it you will never forget it, if you miss it... well, too bad! So get on down to 1205 E 85th St, Kansas City, MO 64131 Between Troost Ave and Tracy Ave and see for yourself!!! The phone number is: (816) 822-7427 The website is: bbslawnsidebbq.com more information.... now get it!!!!!